Collaborate with Us: Crafting Partnerships in Inflatable Solutions

Our forte lies in equipping airlines, MROs, and military entities with cutting-edge inflatable tents. Our solutions are versatile enough to seal every facet of an aircraft.


We redefine conventions by employing air-supported fabric in lieu of steel—a revolutionary approach to safeguarding your aircraft.
With a profound mastery of technical textiles, we craft enclosures of unparalleled precision.


The Pioneer

In 1999, JB Roche made history by inventing and patenting the world’s first all-fabric, precision-fit inflatable aircraft hangar.


The Innovator

At JB Roche, innovation is a relentless pursuit. Our materials, designs, and services evolve in tandem with the dynamic aviation industry.


The Leader

Trusted globally, JB Roche is the preferred choice of premier airlines, MROs, and military units. Our inflatable aircraft hangar solutions set the industry standard.

J.B. Roche (MFG) Ltd. is part of Amplex, a privately owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, owns and develops technology-based businesses in selected niches. Offering innovative solutions mainly in lifting technology and materials handling, workplace safety and lighting, the group companies contribute to increased efficiency and competitiveness for their customers. Together the companies have operations in some ten countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

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What You Get From Us


Unique, High Performance Technical Textiles

Collaborating with select technical textile manufacturers, we produce exclusive, high-performance fabrics tailored to our exacting standards. These fabrics possess the ideal combination of lightweight durability, enabling them to withstand extreme conditions such as severe cold, intense heat, high winds, torrential rain, heavy snow, and insidious dust. Additionally, certain fabrics offer anti-static and solvent-resistant properties, ensuring comprehensive protection.


Master Engineers and Patented Innovation

With our unmatched expertise, cutting-edge technical textiles, and innovative designs, we have perfected the art of merging fabric and air. Our team of master engineers possesses the skills to create precision-fit inflatable hangar enclosures that are unrivaled in the industry. Through our patented innovations, we deliver state-of-the-art solutions that redefine the possibilities of aircraft enclosures.


Genuine Aviation People

Aviation is our passion, and our team consists of individuals with a deep understanding of aircraft and the work practices of aviation maintenance professionals. We are dedicated to surpassing expectations and making a significant difference for our clients. Our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services stems from our genuine love for aviation and our desire to contribute to the industry’s advancement.


Bespoke Design Capability

While we offer a range of standard inflatable aircraft hangars that fit most modern aircraft sizes and shapes, we understand that unique requirements may call for customized solutions. If our standard options do not meet your specific needs, our team has the capability to quickly plan, design, and build bespoke solutions. Whether you require a custom military aircraft hangar or a non-standard engine change tent, we are prepared to deliver tailored solutions that align perfectly with your requirements.

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Our job is to design fabric-based solutions that make our customers’ jobs easier and more cost-effective.

Our aim is to provide hi-tech, innovative, fabric & air-filled structures to enable work to get done whatever the conditions, regardless of location. Our structures are portable, durable and easy to erect with the minimum of training. Our primary goal is to provide a safer and more comfortable working environment for workers in hazardous or in-hospitable conditions/locations.

Ian Nagle, Managing Director