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We supply airlines, MRO’s and militaries with inflatable tents. Our trusted solutions can seal any part of an aircraft.


We use air-supported fabric in place of steel (a super-innovative solution to protect your aircraft).
We have the expertise, designs, and leading-edge technical textiles to create extraordinarily precise enclosures.


The Pioneer

In 1999, JB Roche invented and patented the world’s first all-fabric, precision-fit, inflatable aircraft hangar.


The Innovator

JB Roche continues to advance our materials, designs and services to meet the evolving needs of today’s aviation industry.


The Leader

JB Roche is trusted by the world’s leading airlines, MRO’s and militaries to supply inflatable aircraft hangar solutions.

What You Get From Us


Unique, High Performance Technical Textiles

We collaborate with a select few technical textile manufacturers to produce unique, high-performance fabrics for our exclusive use. Fabrics that are light but strong and tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions; severe cold, intense heat, high winds, torrential rain, heavy snow and insidious dust. Some fabrics will also be anti-static and solvent resistant.


Master Engineers. Patented Innovation.

We marry fabric and air together like no other. We have the expertise, designs and leading-edge technical textiles to create precision-fit inflatable hangar enclosures.


Genuine Aviation People

We are passionate about aviation. We have a deep understanding of aircraft and the work practices of aviation maintenance people. Our purpose is to deliver a product and a service that exceeds expectations and makes a significant difference for our clients.


Bespoke Design Capability

We carry a range of standard inflatable aircraft hangars which fit the size and shape of most modern aircrafts. If our standard inflatable hangars don’t fit your requirements, we can quickly plan, design and build a bespoke solution for you whether it’s a custom military aircraft hangar or non-standard engine change tents.

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Our job is to design fabric-based solutions that make our customers’ jobs easier and more cost-effective.

Our aim is to provide hi-tech, innovative, fabric & air-filled structures to enable work to get done whatever the conditions, regardless of location. Our structures are portable, durable and easy to erect with the minimum of training. Our primary goal is to provide a safer and more comfortable working environment for workers in hazardous or in-hospitable conditions/locations.

Ian Nagle, Managing Director