JB Roche and AEROFORM Composites Join Forces to Innovate Aircraft Composite Repairs

A new partnership developing with AEROFORM. This collaboration will develop new innovative products for the repair..


Exciting news in the world of aviation! JB Roche is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with AEROFORM Composites, dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions for composite aircraft repairs.

AEROFORM Composites is renowned as a turn-key solution provider in the composite realm. Leveraging JB Roche’s rapid deploy clean-rooms as a starting point, this collaboration is poised to give birth to a brand-new suite of cutting-edge products designed in close partnership with AEROFORM and leading Aircraft Manufacturers.

In the photo: Frank Martel, CEO of AEROFORM, and Ian Nagle, CEO of JB Roche, shake hands to mark the beginning of this exciting journey.

For more details, visit AEROFORM’s website: AEROFORM COMPOSITES


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