Bespoke Design Capability

We use air-supported fabric in place of steel (a super-innovative solution to protect your aircraft). We have the expertise, designs and leading-edge technical textiles to create precision fit inflatable hangar enclosures.


How It Works


Get the correct aircraft measurements, understand the type of work to be protected.


We create a 3D model within one week.


Cut the fabrics, assemble, test, pack and ship.

Cargo Door Inflatable Maintenance Shelters

cargo door shelter
Enclosures for all models of aircraft on request.

Required to fit mechanical cargo handlers to several aircrafts. By using the shelters, this work can be completed outside over an extended period of time, leaving hangar slots open for more urgent maintenance tasks. 

  • Shelter packs into a small compact storage bag on castors for easy transportation
  • Eliminates the need to relocate your aircraft to a hangar
  • Even in the most inhospitable conditions these units will keep you warm and dry
  • Reduces the risk of workplace injury and makes your engineers more productive

Fuel Cell Inflatable Tents

fuel cell shelter
Fuel cell repairs and re-bladdering work for all types of air-refuelling aircraft on request.

These military inflatable tents enable aircraft maintainers to replace fuel cell bladders at remote locations. Our design team embraced the challenge of creating an inflatable tent out of anti-static fabrics with high insulation values.

  • Provides major cost saving benefits
  • Reduced ambient temperatures from 50° C down to 20° C (120° F to 68° F) with the aid of an ECU
  • Creates privacy for maintainers
  • Enables dangerous fumes to be extracted from the work area with ventilation hoses

Fan Blade Lubrication Inflatable Tents

inflatable engine change shelter
Models of all sizes to suit various fan diameters.

One of our smaller inflatable tents, designed to inflate around the fan cowling of the engine. It provides space for the engineer and work stand needed to lubricate the fan blades on a CFM56 engine and hence it is often used as an inflatable military shelter. This shelter can be set up in minutes by one person.

  • No need to cover the entire engine for blade lubes
  • Straps around nose cowling for quick installation
  • Optional filtration unit available to capture smoke, dust, fumes etc
  • Compact hi-speed inflator included in package


Models of all sizes to suit various aircraft types.

Get airborne faster and reduce your deicing costs with our easy-to-install wing-root covers. These covers are designed to prevent major snow build up on the wing surfaces near the fuselage. They are lightweight and easy to fit at night. When they are removed in the morning, the snow comes away too.



  • Reducing the cost of maintenance
  • Light and easy to fit on the wing
  • Compact size makes it easy to store
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What Our customers Say

We are very happy to have sourced a low price, hand-crafted and static-free fabric tent that makes outdoor fuel cell repair comfortable, no matter the temperature.



Fuel Cell Inflatable Tents

We were very impressed with the Roche tent – it was simple, cost-effective and it enabled us to get the job completed on-schedule.


British Airways

A321 Cargo Door Maintenance Shelter

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