Bespoke Inflatable Shelters

We can quickly plan, design and build bespoke, inflatable work shelters to suit your individual requirements.

Crafted to Perfection: Unveiling Our Expertise in Bespoke Design

Bespoke inflatable shelters are custom-designed to meet individual needs. These shelters can be tailored to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of an aircraft, as well as the needs of the maintenance team.
We use air-supported fabric in place of steel (a super-innovative solution to protect your aircraft). We have the expertise, designs and leading-edge technical textiles to create precision-fit inflatable hangar enclosures.

Efficient Turnaround: Get Your Finished Unit in just 4 Weeks

How It Works: Our Simple 3-Step Process


Share your aircraft measurements and project requirements for clarity.


We use the provided details to create a detailed 3D model swiftly.


From cutting fabrics to testing and packing, we handle everything to ensure timely delivery.

Enhancing Cargo Door Maintenance: Our Inflatable Shelter Solution

When equipping multiple aircraft with mechanical cargo handlers, the need for efficient solutions arises. Enter our inflatable shelters, offering an ingenious approach. With these shelters in place, the work can be conducted outdoors for an extended duration. This strategic move frees up hangar slots for more pressing maintenance tasks.

Key Features:

  • Compact Storage: Our shelters can be conveniently packed into a small storage bag mounted on castors, ensuring effortless transportation.
  • Aircraft Location: Say goodbye to relocating your aircraft to a hangar. Our shelters bring the workspace to you.
  • Unwavering Protection: In the face of adverse conditions, our units keep you warm and dry, providing a haven for work.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By minimizing workplace risks, these shelters boost productivity among engineers.
cargo door shelter
Efficiently manage your cargo door maintenance with our inflatable shelter system

Military Inflatable Shelters: Simplifying Fuel Cell Maintenance

Introducing a game-changing solution for aircraft maintenance: our military inflatable tents are designed explicitly for fuel cell replacement in remote settings. In tackling this challenge, our design team ingeniously crafted an inflatable tent from anti-static fabrics boasting superior insulation.

Key Features:

  • Significant Cost Savings: Experience substantial cost reductions while maintaining operational efficiency.
  • Temperature Control: Witness a remarkable drop in ambient temperatures from scorching 50°C to comfortable 20°C (120°F to 68°F), aided by an ECU.
  • Privacy Enhancement: Offer maintainers a private workspace that encourages focus and precision.
  • Fume Extraction: Ensure safety and well-being by seamlessly venting hazardous fumes from the work area through ventilation hoses.
fuel cell shelter
Enhance Fuel Cell Maintenance: Embrace Innovation with Our Cutting-Edge Inflatable Shelter Solution

Compact Inflatable Shelter: Optimizing Lubrication for Fan Blades

Introducing a specialized solution for fan blade lubrication: our ingeniously designed smaller inflatable tent, is engineered to envelop the fan cowling of the engine. This space-efficient marvel accommodates both the engineer and work stand, facilitating seamless lubrication of CFM56 engine fan blades. Its versatility extends its utility, often finding its place as an inflatable military shelter. Noteworthy is its swift setup, achievable by a lone individual in mere minutes.

Key Features:

  • Precision in Lubrication: Targeted design eliminates the need to cover the entire engine during blade lubes, streamlining your maintenance process.
  • Quick Installation: Swiftly secure the shelter by strapping it around the nose cowling—efficiency at its best.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: Optionally equip your shelter with a filtration unit, capturing smoke, dust, and fumes for a healthier environment.
  • Speedy Inflation: Included in the package is a compact, high-speed inflator, ensuring hassle-free setup.
inflatable engine change shelter
Streamline Fan Blade Lubrication: Experience Ease with Our Compact Inflatable Shelter Solution

Aircraft Wing Root Covers: Enhancing Take-off Efficiency

Unlock swifter takeoffs and curtail deicing expenses with our effortlessly deployable wing-root covers. These ingenious covers are meticulously crafted to thwart substantial snow accumulation on wing surfaces adjacent to the fuselage. Boasting lightweight construction, they effortlessly attach during the night, ensuring a snow-free surface in the morning.

Key Features:

  • Maintenance Cost Reduction: Realize cost savings as maintenance requirements diminish.
  • Seamless Fitting: Experience ease of use with their lightweight and simple wing attachment.
  • Compact Storage: Convenience is paramount—their compact size makes storage a breeze.
Snow-Free Skies, Cost-Effective Solutions: Discover the Ease of our Lightweight, Quick-fit Wing-Root Covers
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What Our customers Say

We are very happy to have sourced a low price, hand-crafted and static-free fabric tent that makes outdoor fuel cell repair comfortable, no matter the temperature.



Fuel Cell Inflatable Tents

We were very impressed with the Roche tent – it was simple, cost-effective and it enabled us to get the job completed on-schedule.


British Airways

A321 Cargo Door Maintenance Shelter