Other Aircraft products

We marry fabric and air to create a range of other, innovative aircraft solutions.

Other Aircraft Products

As the industry leader, we have applied our expertise to create a range of other products. Here are just a few examples of some innovative products and solutions we have pioneered and developed.

  • Divider Curtains for Hangars and Manufacturing Facilities

    Divider Curtains for Hangars and Manufacturing Facilities

    Isolate individual hangar bays with our lightweight hangar curtains - ideal for painting or composite repairs. These extra-high divider curtains are ideal for containing over-spray, grinding dust, smoke etc. When you need to confine dirty-work to specific bays, these curtains are the ideal solution.

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  • Wing-Root Covers

    Wing-Root Covers

    Get airborne faster and reduce your de-icing costs with our easy-to-install wing-root covers. These covers are designed to prevent major snow build up on the wing surfaces near the fuselage. They are lightweight and easy to fit at night. When they are removed in the morning, the snow comes away too.

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  • Engine Intake and Exhaust Covers and Plugs

    Engine Intake and Exhaust Covers and Plugs

    Our engine intake covers are built using a very lightweight but durable fabric featuring simple fittings! This makes them both easy to fit and easy to remove. Our exhaust covers can be fitted in seconds with our innovative folding plug design; simply unfold the foam-filled plug and press it into the rear of the engine.

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  • C17 Engine Change Shelter

    Even our largest engine change shelters can be inflated within minutes. This video was shot mid-Winter, in Northern Canada. Temperature -26° C (-15F).

  • Ultralight Stock Warehouse

    This portable warehouse can be air-dropped & set up quickly by a handful of people. It is ideal as a military shelter, for base camp storage.

What our clients say

Early indications are that the igloo was a true differentiator and so far has performed superbly, allowing our technicians to perform at a level that otherwise would have been impossible.

GE On-Wing Aviation

B777 Engine Change Shelter

Product is excellent. JB Roche provide a solution that does exactly what it says on the tin. They have produced a make-to-do solution rather than a make-do one.

Fly Dubai

B737 Engine Change Shelter