Continuous Product R&D and Improvement – Inflatable Shelters

At J.B. Roche (MFG) Ltd we have a bit of a bee in our bonnets (collectively speaking) about designing and building inflatable shelters and habitats that really make a difference for our customers.

Every time we get an opportunity, we ask our customers for feedback and when we don’t like what we hear it just spurs us on to make better products and on the cycle goes – our motto is that we’ll never stop asking and we’ll keep improving our product offerings on the basis of our customer’s user experiences.

We have recently developed a completely new fabric which is 30% lighter than what we had used before but the great news is that it also has 25% greater abrasion resistance than before so our customers are now receiving a lighter product that is easier to inflate, deflate and stow and which is built to last like a battleship.


Fabric development

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