Frequently Asked Questions

At JB Roche, we have been designing and building inflatable habitats for the aviation sector for more than 20 years.

FAQs: Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • Our design process and attention to detail
  • 20+ years designing and building inflatable product solutions – ensuring continuous improvement
  • Quality construction – ensuring long-life
  • Patented proprietary designs – ensuring state of the art solutions
  • JB Roche Igloos are built using proprietary fabrics that are FR and contain unique inhibitors – ensuring strongest and safest available in the market.
  • As the OEM, we ensure close supervision of each individual product delivery, from initial specifications through design, design approval, production, testing and quality approval to final product delivery.
  • JB Roche inflatable product Solutions are approved and used by the leading Aircraft Manufacturers
  • JB Roche inflatable habitat Solutions are approved and used by the leading players in the Oil and Gas industry
  • Onsite training is provided, if required
  • Strong after-sales support
  • Greater than 10 years lifetime with proper care

I.S. EN ISO 9001:2015.

A certificate of Conformity is provided by JB Roche with all products.

Our custom developed fabrics are suitable for use in the harshest environments from -40 °C to +70 °C.

We have over 60 types of IglooMX® shelters which give a hand in glove fit for most models of aircraft. When we get a request for a new model, our team will design the solution for it.

A large part of our business is designing and building solutions for one-off projects that require a custom build. Our in-house design and engineering team have developed bespoke solutions for both military and commercial purposes across industries.

In under 8 minutes, our narrowbody IglooMX® can be deployed by 2 people while the widebody IglooMX will be under 12 minutes with 4 people.

Our Inflatable Habitats, for use in the Oil and gas industry, can be deployed in under 5 minutes.

No training required.

We have over 500 Aviation customers worldwide that include Aircraft manufacturer’s, Legacy airlines, Militaries, MRO’s and LCC’s

We also work with Oil and Gas companies worldwide.

Yes, please contact JB Roche with your requirements.

Yes, all of our products are supplied with heating and cooling ducts, to facilitate use with your heating / cooling equipment. JB Roche can also supply suitable heating / cooling equipment on request. Lighting options are also available on request.

If we don’t have the required model in stock, our lead time will vary according to model and scheduled production. Forward planning by 4-8 weeks is recommended.

For AOG’S we hold ex demo models in stock for immediate assistance.

Please contact for the latest lead time.