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instant availability

Instant Availability: Get the Job Done Safely and Efficiently

  • Instantly access an IglooMX® shelter for seamless operations, ensuring a safe and mechanic-friendly environment.
  • Avoid costly delays, such as hangar rental, parking, sub-contract, labour, tooling, or aircraft replacement expenses.
no extra cost

No Extra Costs: Valuable Maintenance Tool with Easy Setup

  • Benefit from a compact and readily available IglooMX® shelter.
  • Protect the aircraft, provide a safer working environment, and minimize downtime.
  • Manage every AOG (Aircraft on Ground) without incurring additional expenses.
return on investment

Return on Investment: Cost-Efficiency and Longevity

  • The IglooMX® pays for itself after just 2-4 uses.
  • Enjoy an expected lifetime of over 10 years, maximizing your investment.
fast installation

Fast Installation: Quick and Simple Deployment

  • Deploy IglooMX® narrow body units in under 7 minutes with just 2 people.
  • Set up IglooMX® wide body units in less than 12 minutes with 4 people.
  • No training required for the straightforward installation process.
portable 1

Portability: Easy Transportation and Handling

  • Transport the IglooMX® easily for AOG incidents, reducing downtime costs.
  • Handle the shelter with a small team, even without prior training.
precision fit

Precision Fit: Designed for a Perfect Encapsulation

  • The IglooMX® is constructed to encapsulate and seal the work area, providing a precise fit for the aircraft.

Easy to Transport and Store: Compact and Mobile

  • Collapse the IglooMX® into a small container on wheels, manageable by one person.
  • Ensure effortless transportation and storage of the shelter.
temperature control

Controlled Environment: Weather-Resistant and Reliable

  • The IglooMX® range is built with high-tech fabrics, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Protect against extreme cold, intense heat, relentless rain, driving snow, or dust.
quality construction

Quality Construction: Built to Last

  • IglooMX® units are constructed by JB Roche, adhering to ISO standards for superior quality and longevity.
  • Each unit comes with a 12-month manufacturing warranty.

Incredibly Strong

  • With unrivaled strength, our proprietary woven and coated fabrics redefine the limits of durability. Designed to excel in the face of extreme conditions, our materials boast exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, offering a lightweight yet resilient solution. 

100% Fabric - Not One Single Metal Part!

  • The IglooMX® provides unparalleled protection without a single metal part – Your aircraft is 100% safe.
space saving

Space Saving: Minimal Storage Footprint

  • Pack and store the shelters in containers, occupying minimal space in the work area.
employee safety

Employee Safety: Optimal Work Conditions

  • Ensure employee safety within the IglooMX® enclosure, promoting good work practices.
  • Eliminate the need for restrictive clothing, including gloves, in cold conditions, enhancing productivity.

Unrestricted Deployment: Anywhere, Anytime

  • The IglooMX® is designed for unrestricted deployment, allowing you to set it up in various challenging environments and terrains. Whether it’s remote areas, harsh climates, or rugged landscapes, the IglooMX® can be easily deployed to ensure aircraft recovery or maintenance operations anywhere.