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instant availability

Instant Availability

An IglooMX® shelter that is instantly available to operations means getting the job done in a safe, mechanic friendly environment, without the need for costly delays such as hangar rental, parking costs, sub-contract costs, labour costs, tooling costs or replacement aircraft.

no extra cost

No Extra Costs

An IglooMX® shelter is a valuable maintenance tool that is compact, instantly available and easily setup. IglooMX® is easy to use, will not damage the aircraft, provides a safer working environment for workers and will get the aircraft back in the air sooner. An IglooMX® unit will provide you with the independence to manage every AOG without incurring additional costs.

return on investment

Return on Investment

The IglooMX® will pay for itself after only 2-4 uses 

and has an expected lifetime of more than 10 years.

fast installation

Fast Installation

In under 7 minutes the IglooMX® narrow body units can be deployed by 2 people, while the IglooMX® wide body units will take 4 people under 12 minutes. No training is required to carry out this simple process.

portable 1


The IglooMX® can be transported easily for AOG incidents, reducing downtime costs, and can be handled by a small team with no prior training.

precision fit

Precision Fit

The IglooMX® is designed and constructed to encapsulate and seal the work area, providing a hand in glove fit for the aircraft.


Easy to Transport & Store

The IglooMX® collapses into a small container on wheels that one person can wheel around, ensuring that it is very easy to transport and store.

temperature control

Controlled Environment

The IglooMX® range is made with hi-tech fabrics and designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. You no longer have to worry about severe cold, intense heat, relentless rain, driving snow or dust.

quality construction

Quality Construction

JB Roche build the IglooMX® to ISO standards with quality and longevity as our benchmarks. Every unit comes with a 12-month manufacturing warranty.


Incredibly Strong

Our fabrics are woven and coated to our proprietary design, exhibiting extremely high strength to weight ratios.


100% Fabric - Not One Single Metal Part!

Your aircrafts are 100% safe when encapsulated by our inflatable IglooMX®

space saving

Space Saving

When not in use, these shelters can be packed and stored in containers, taking up the minimum of space in the work area.

employee safety

Protects Employee Safety

Keeping your operations team safe in an IglooMX® enclosure is not only good work practice but removes the need for restrictive clothing, including gloves in cold conditions so that work is not hampered by the environment.



The IglooMX® can be deployed in the most inhospitable locations/terrain and can be adapted in-house for aircraft recovery anywhere in the world.

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