Introducing FLASHPLUG® AIR: A Revolutionary Engine Protection Solution by JB Roche

At JB Roche, we're thrilled to unveil a ground-breaking approach to safeguarding ...


At JB Roche, we’re thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking approach to safeguarding aircraft engines for the future.

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New Era of Engine Protection: FLASHPLUG® AIR

The FLASHPLUG® AIR represents a transformative leap in engine protection. Installation is a breeze, taking just 2-3 minutes and requiring only one mechanic. No need for buckles, clips, or straps; no ladders or steps required. Bid farewell to internal metal frames that risk scratching your intake and bulky foam sections that demand drying after wet weather.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Conventional covers often trap moisture, increasing the risk of corrosion. Ill-fitted covers can do more harm than good, potentially damaging your aircraft’s lip skin or livery. This risk escalates during prolonged storage.

However, FLASHPLUG® AIR is installed within the delicate lip skin area, creating an airtight seal at the engine’s front. When used alongside our FLASHPLUG® LITE exhaust engine blanks, this innovative preservation solution maintains engine Relative Humidity levels below 50%. Achieving such levels for on-wing engines was previously unattainable. Now, operators can store their powerplants optimally without the expense of engine removal and storage.

Each FLASHPLUG® AIR kit includes a storage bag, installation instructions, on-site repair kit, and Schrader valve adaptor as standard. For added peace of mind, consider the optional integrated Bluetooth Humidity Sensor, which connects to a smartphone app.

Get the Smartest Engine Preservation Solution

To acquire the safest, quickest, and most intelligent engine preservation systems available, please reach out to us or our esteemed global sales partners:

FLASHPLUG® AIR is part of the FLASHPLUG® family of preservation products, a testament to JB Roche’s commitment to innovation. For comprehensive details, visit the FLASHPLUG® webpage.

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