Preparing for All Seasons with IglooMX®: Optimize Cold Weather Maintenance Operations

IglooMX® - prepare for cooler weather in the months to come and plan for cold weather operations..

Get Ahead By Forward Planning Maintenance Operations

When the sun is shining and outdoor conditions are ideal for work, it might be tempting to put cold weather preparations on the back burner. However, strategic planning ahead can empower you to gear up for the upcoming colder months and streamline your cold-weather maintenance operations.

The IglooMX® offers a versatile solution that caters to your needs throughout the year. It ensures that your engineers can comfortably perform maintenance tasks in the heat of summer and efficiently handle winter maintenance challenges.

IglooMX Hangar Engine Change

Plan Ahead with IglooMX®

At JB Roche, we pride ourselves on proactive design and planning, allowing us to provide custom solutions that are ready precisely when you need them. Engaging with us during the summer months enables us to create the ideal system tailored for your winter maintenance operations.

We understand that extreme weather conditions—be it heat, wind, snow, ice, or rain—can pose significant challenges for maintenance work, particularly unscheduled or emergency operations. The IglooMX® offers a safe, comfortable space for your maintenance needs, regardless of the weather.

Experience the Game-Changing Potential of IglooMX®

Explore the game-changing capabilities of the IglooMX® by reading our report on its pivotal role in the B777 rescue incident.


This innovative solution not only makes operational sense but can also substantially reduce unscheduled costs. In cases of Aircraft on Ground (AOG) incidents that demand immediate attention and hangar space is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive, the IglooMX® is your invaluable asset.

Plan Your Operations with IglooMX®

Start planning your operations today by reaching out to us and discovering how IglooMX® can seamlessly integrate with your maintenance needs year-round. For more information, email us at


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