Get Ahead By Forward Planning Maintenance Operations

When the sun is shining, conditions are ideal for working outdoors, and in some locations, it may even be too hot to work on aircraft on the apron.

However, thinking ahead can give you the opportunity to prepare for cooler weather in the months to come, and this is the perfect time to forward plan for cold weather operations.

The IglooMX® offers you a great option all year round, ensuring engineers are comfortable carrying out maintenance operations in the heat, as well as providing a solution for maintenance during the winter.

IglooMX Hangar Engine Change

Here at JB Roche, we design and plan production months ahead to ensure that our clients get a custom made solution that is ready when they need it. Talking to us in the summer enables us to create the perfect system for you, in preparation for your maintenance operations throughout the winter months.

We know that heat, wind, snow, ice and rain can present a real challenge to maintenance works, especially unscheduled or emergency operations, and the IglooMX® offers you the answer with a safe, comfortable space to carry out your works, regardless of climatic conditions.

You can read about the game-changing potential of the IglooMX®  in our report of the B777 rescue incident, in which it played a crucial role, here.

Using the IglooMX®  as part of your GSE not only makes operational sense, but can also cut down on unscheduled costs when an AOG incident requires immediate attention and hangar space is unavailable or costly.

Forward plan your operations when you talk to us about the IglooMX® that will work with your maintenance all year round.

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