HabaTank® Inflatable Habitats for Tank Refurbishment

Safe, simple, climate-controlled and secure means of encapsulating sections of tanks for refurbishment works..

gas roof tank inflatable habitat

Introducing HabaTank®: Innovative Inflatable Habitats for Safe and Cost-Efficient Tank Refurbishment

At JB Roche, we are thrilled to present our latest breakthrough in product development – HabaTank®, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize tank refurbishment in the Oil & Gas Industry.

HabaTank® Inflatable Habitats: Redefining Tank Refurbishment

Our HabaTank® inflatable habitats offer a streamlined, climate-controlled, and secure method for encapsulating tank sections during refurbishment projects. Engineered to excel even in the most challenging environments, these inflatable habitats provide unparalleled advantages over traditional scaffold and sheet encapsulation techniques.

Key Advantages of HabaTank® Inflatable Habitats

  1. Lightweight and Efficient: Crafted from advanced fabric materials, HabaTanks® are remarkably lightweight, ensuring ease of handling and installation.

  2. Cost-Effective Solution: Say goodbye to assembly, construction, and rental costs. By choosing HabaTank®, your company can enjoy substantial cost savings.

  3. Unmatched Portability: Transition seamlessly between different sites with our highly portable HabaTank® inflatable habitats.

  4. Rapid Setup: Transform your work area within minutes, thanks to the rapid setup time of our HabaTank® solution.

  5. Enhanced Sealing: Create a precisely controlled work environment with superior sealing, outperforming traditional alternatives.

  6. Sustainability and Reusability: HabaTanks® can be utilized across various projects, making them a sustainable choice for your business.

  7. Customization Options: Tailored to your specific requirements, our inflatable habitats can be customized for a perfect fit.

  8. Proven Reliability: Benefit from tried and tested technology with HabaTanks®, ensuring secure encapsulation for work areas.

Elevate Your Tank Refurbishment Process with HabaTank®

Experience the future of tank refurbishment with HabaTank® inflatable habitats. Contact us today to explore how HabaTank® can enhance safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in your projects.


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