HabaTank Inflatable Habitats – Our Latest New Product

Here at JB Roche, we are delighted to introduce our latest product development – HabaTank®.

Our HabaTank® inflatable habitats provide a safe, simple, climate-controlled and secure means of encapsulating sections of tanks for refurbishment works. They are especially ideal for use in the Oil & Gas Industry and are strong enough to withstand even the harshest of environments.

This unique system offers many advantages when compared to the traditional scaffold and sheet encapsulation techniques used to protect a work area. The main benefits of the HabaTank® inflatable habitats in comparison to scaffold and sheet alternatives are:

  • They are much lighter – HabaTanks® are made from fabric materials
  • Require no assembly costs, construction costs or rental fees meaning significant cost savings for your company
  • Highly portable – very easy to transport from site to site
  • Very fast set up time – encapsulate a work area within minutes
  • Better sealing – create a more controlled work environment
  • Re-usable – can be used time and time again on different projects
  • Bespoke units available – our inflatable habitats can be customized to meet your needs
  • Tried and tested technology – HabaTanks® are a tried and tested solution for safely and securely encapsulate work areas
habatank habitat blasting tent

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