Optimizing Hangar Efficiency with the Hangar Door Plug

If you have a hangar that uses vertical fabric doors, our plugs can be retrofitted in a matter of hours, inexpensively..

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Maximizing Hangar Space and Energy Efficiency with IglooMX® Hangar Door Plugs

In the competitive aviation industry, securing cost-effective parking and storage for aircraft is an ongoing challenge. However, IglooMX® Hangar Door Plugs offer a smart solution to help you make the most of your hangar space, even in challenging times.

If your hangar features vertical fabric doors, our retrofittable door plugs provide a convenient and economical answer. With a quick installation process that takes just a few hours and no need for construction, you can optimize your available space effortlessly.

By incorporating these door plugs, you can create room for an extra nose or tail within your hangar, enabling more indoor maintenance work. Crucially, these plugs form an airtight seal around the fuselage, ensuring your hangar remains consistently heated. This not only contributes to optimal working conditions but also leads to substantial energy cost savings.

Consider a Northern Canada customer as a prime example. In early 2019, they invested in one of our Door Plugs and successfully executed avionics modifications on a large fleet of 757 aircraft during the winter season. Over the past 18 months, they have regularly utilized our inflatable Plug solution, resulting in significant reductions in heating expenses and increased productivity.

Witnessing the remarkable benefits of our Plug solution, this customer has recently placed an order for an additional plug tailored to fit 767 fuselages for the upcoming winter season. We take immense pride in our design team’s problem-solving abilities, and nothing pleases us more than seeing our customers enhance their profitability through our innovative solutions.

Explore the IglooMX® Hangar Door Plug today and unlock the full potential of your hangar space while improving energy efficiency.

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