The Impact of Hail on Aircraft: how does hail affect the aircraft?

Cracked windscreens, damage to the radome, hail entering the engine..


How does hail affect Aircraft?: Unraveling the Impact and Solutions for Effective Repairs

When it comes to aircraft, hail might seem like a relatively minor concern compared to the vast skies they traverse. However, anyone working with aircraft knows that hail can wreak havoc on these flying machines. While pilots aim to avoid hailstorms whenever possible, unexpected encounters can still happen, leading to surprising damage.

Aircraft components are designed to withstand various impacts, including hailstones. Still, the aftermath of a hailstorm often translates to grounding and necessitates repairs, ranging from minor cosmetic issues to more significant challenges.

Hail’s Impact on Aircraft:

Hail-related concerns are a key factor in flight cancellations or delays, particularly when storm risks loom. Hailstorms can catch pilots off guard, especially during night flights when visibility is limited. The unique dynamics of hailstorms can scatter hail in multiple directions, and the impact of high-speed icy hail can be substantial.

Common issues caused by hail include:

  1. Cracked Windscreens: Hailstorms frequently result in cracked windscreens. While the inner windscreen remains structurally sound, the outer layer’s damage can impede visibility, often necessitating an emergency landing. Aircraft windscreens are engineered to endure more considerable impacts and feature heating layers to protect the load-bearing structure.

  2. Radome Damage: The front radome of an aircraft often bears the brunt of hail impacts. Though visually striking, the radome’s primary function is to remain transparent to radar signals. Damaging it has no bearing on the aircraft’s flight capabilities. Even if significantly damaged or detached, the only consequences would be increased noise levels and a slightly elevated risk of radar antenna damage.

  3. Engine Intrusion: While hail entering the engine might sound alarming, it’s a rare occurrence. Aircraft engines are designed to safeguard against this possibility, with engine cowling serving as a protective barrier. These engines undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand bird strikes and other high-speed impacts.

Efficient Repairs with IglooMX:

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