JB Roche Partners with HYDRO Systems KG to Elevate Inflatable Aircraft Maintenance Shelters Globally

Our new partnership with HYDRO Systems KG..

HYDRO - Partnership Announcement

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between JB Roche and HYDRO Systems KG. Starting October 17th, HYDRO will spearhead the global marketing and sales efforts for our innovative inflatable aircraft maintenance shelters, catering to the aviation industry worldwide.

With over five decades of experience, HYDRO has been a trusted name in providing aviation industry support with equipment designed for aircraft maintenance, repair, and assembly, serving both civil and military operations. JB Roche, on the other hand, has dedicated many years to supplying IglooMX® inflatable shelters—a unique solution that optimizes aircraft maintenance and emergency operations for aviation customers across the globe. Our range of IglooMX® shelters seamlessly complements HYDRO’s extensive Ground Support Equipment (GSE) portfolio, which already encompasses over 3,000 products designed for OEMs, airlines, and maintenance facilities.

In the fiercely competitive aviation industry, specialized expertise is in high demand. Both HYDRO and JB Roche prioritize quality, safety, efficiency, and reliability. With shared commitments to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, this partnership promises to be a game-changer for the aviation sector.

Leveraging its global network of service centers, HYDRO will provide robust support for the marketing and sales of JB Roche products worldwide. This collaboration opens up exciting possibilities for JB Roche to work hand in hand with HYDRO’s extensive global network, reaching a wider audience that will reap the benefits of our cutting-edge IglooMX® shelters.

Both companies are eager to embark on this promising long-term strategic partnership, heralding a bright future for aviation industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

For more information, please visit HYDRO Systems KG.


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