IglooMX® Door Plug – A Flexible Hangar door solution

After a busy MRO Americas 2018 show, we were contacted by a Canadian based MRO to help provide them with a solution for hangar slot/space problems at their north American hangar facilities.

The problem was that they had a fleet of aircraft requiring avionics upgrades but they did not want to use all available hangar space to accommodate the aircraft, given that they only needed to encapsulate the nose of the aircraft.

The requirement was to enable them to tug the nose of an aircraft into the hangar so that they could carry out this maintenance work in the controlled and comfortable conditions of the hangar, without the need to hangar the full aircraft. This would also maximise their use of the available hangar space.

The challenge was how to maintain the comfortable working conditions inside the hangar and keep it completely weathered and protected from the elements, with the aircraft partially housed but preventing the hangar door from being closed.

Our highly talented design team, who are never shy of new challenges, got to work immediately and had a design ready for approval within 10 days.


The solution was to install an inflatable door plug in the hangar door opening. We designed an inflatable door plug to interface with their Megadoor system. This plug is secured to the door mullions and provides a flexible, comfortable seal around the fuselage and door. With the aircraft in position, this door plug can be installed in a matter of minutes to encapsulate the nose of the aircraft and creates a fully insulated weathered seal in the hangar door opening.


This innovative design will accommodate different fuselage heights and will maintain the weathered seal, even if the aircraft is not perfectly aligned with the door opening.

The complete process for this IglooMX® door plug system (design, construction, shipping and installation) took less than 4 weeks.

With the worldwide shortage of hangar space, this IglooMX® door plug is a very inexpensive solution for MRO’s to increase their hangar capacity, while keeping mechanics comfortable by continuing to carry out the maintenance work inside the hangar.