IglooMX® Hangar Door Plug – Update

Bearing in mind the current woes within the aviation sector, parking and storage slots are like Hen’s teeth; Not easy to find and expensive if you do find one!

Consequently, utilizing every inch of your hangar space is more important than ever and that’s where our Hangar door plugs come in!

If you have a hangar that uses vertical fabric doors, our plugs can be retrofitted in a matter of hours, inexpensively and without any construction expense or inconvenience.

This will enable you to get an additional nose or tail into your hangar, allowing you to do additional maintenance indoors.

Critically, by providing an airtight seal around the fuselage, this will allow you to keep your hangar fully heated at all times while saving you a fortune on energy costs.

Take as an example a customer of ours in Northern Canada: By investing in one of our Door Plugs in early 2019 they were able to undertake avionics modifications on a large fleet of 757’s throughout last Winter.

Over the past 18 months they have deployed our inflatable Plug solution at least twice a week. In the process they have saved a fortune on both heating costs and added productivity.

Having seen the benefits of our Plug solution they have just ordered an additional plug to suit 767 fuselages for the coming winter season.

Our design team loves a challenge and nothing makes our team happier than to see customers adding profit to their bottom line thanks to our out-of -the-box thinking.

inflatable hangar door plug a300 b767

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