Oil & Gas Habitats

Instant habitats, both pressurised and unpressurised, for all types of oil & gas installations.

Specialised, bespoke, inflatable habitats

At JB Roche, we have been designing and building inflatable habitats for the aviation sector for more than 15 years. These original and innovative structures were developed and patented by us as a means of providing instant, safe, environment controlled and cost effective protection when working in harsh outdoor conditions. In conjunction with experts from the oil and gas Industry, we have now developed a range of pop up and inflatable habitats that will revolutionise encapsulation techniques in this sector.

  • Temporary Stores Habitats

    Temporary Stores Habitats

    Temporary storage habitats are ideal for the storage of paints, welding equipment, scaffolding, etc. at remote site locations. These habitats enable you to position a secure, portable warehouse at the desired site location and will protect project supplies and equipment from the elements.

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  • Blast & Paint Habitats

    Blast & Paint Habitats

    Ideal for containment of blast material within the encapsulation and then subsequent application of primers and paints. Our Blast & Paint Habitats provide a controlled work environment and prevent air pollution. We supply ducts and vents as standard in our habitats to facilitate fume extraction.

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  • Helideck Habitats

    Helideck Habitats

    Large inflatable habitats to enable helidecks to be cleaned and recoated in a small number of passes. These habitats provide a safer, more controlled work area for a team to carry out helideck maintenance or repairs. This is particularly beneficial with the need for helicopter take-off and landings.

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  • Tank Roof Habitats (Fixed & Floating)

    Tank Roof Habitats (Fixed & Floating)

    Light weight inflatable habitats for rapid deployment in areas where conventional scaffolding is unsuitable for use. Our Tank Roof Habitats are very specialised and can weigh as little as 1kg per Sq Mt of surface area covered. This allows them to be deployed on top of structures that are not designed for heavy loadings.

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  • Pipe Rack Habitats

    Pipe Rack Habitats

    Ideal for X-raying, blasting and painting pipelines when used in conjunction with scaffolding towers. Pipe rack habitats help to create a more controlled and comfortable work environment by completely encapsulating the work area, facilitating fume and debris extraction in addition to humidity control. These structures can be very quickly re-located.

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  • Welding Habitats

    Welding Habitats

    These Habitats which incorporate welding blankets can be deployed in under five minutes for pipe and spot welds. These Welding Habitats incorporate fire retardant materials to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. All JB Roche Welding Habitats include roof vents for dissipation of welding fumes, as standard.

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  • MEWP Habitats

    MEWP Habitats

    MEWP Habitats provide instant protection from the elements when conducting elevated basket work. These habitats are designed to provide a more controlled, secure environment and keep workers warm and dry when working at height on mobile elevated work platforms.

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  • Rig Leg Habitats

    Rig Leg Habitats

    Rig Leg Habitats are designed to provide secure encapsulation of rig legs for inspection purposes. They help oil & gas companies to meet site compliance requirements by providing a safe, enclosed environment in which to conduct routine or emergency inspections of rig legs.

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  • Pipe Loop Habitats

    Pipe Loop Habitats

    One of the largest oil & gas companies chose JB Roche to design and build specialised inflatable habitats to provide protection during x-ray and corrosion control of high pressure pipework. We offer bespoke habitats for all types of oil & gas installations.

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  • Ultralight Stock Warehouse

    This portable warehouse can be air-dropped & set up quickly by a handful of people. It is ideal as a military shelter, for base camp storage.

What our clients say

Product is excellent. JB Roche provide a solution that does exactly what it says on the tin. They have produced a make-to-do solution rather than a make-do one.

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