Please find below the list of our Professional Partners that we teamed up with.

Since 2018, our customers worldwide can turn to our distribution partner HYDRO Systems KG.

HYDRO offers more than 50 years’ experience supporting the aviation industry with equipment to maintain, repair and assemble aircraft for civil and military operations. JB Roche have spent many years supplying IglooMX® inflatable shelters that provides a unique solution to streamline aircraft maintenance and emergency operations to aviation customers worldwide. Our range of IglooMX® shelters dovetails perfectly with the HYDRO range of Ground support equipment. This will enhance HYDRO’s strong GSE portfolio, which already covers more than 3,000 products for OEMs, airlines and maintenance facilities.

With specialist expertise in high demand in the competitive aviation industry, quality safety, efficiency and reliability are benchmarks used by both HYDRO and JB Roche.

As HYDRO and JB Roche offer the same guarantees of excellence and attention to detail, this promises to be a winning combination for the aviation industry.

Using its global network of service centres, HYDRO will provide a support service for marketing and sales of JB Roche products worldwide. This is a great opportunity for JB Roche to work in partnership with the global HYDRO network in reaching a broader audience that will benefit from our IglooMX® Shelters.

The "hangar-in-a-bag" system reduces downtime to a minimum and saves time and money on hangar space rental and towing charges.

Since 2019, a new partnership developing innovative composite repair solutions.

Founded in 2001 and located in France near Lyon, AEROFORM Composites is an expert in processing and repairing composite structural parts for international aerospace companies.  

AEROFORM Composites is a turn-key solution provider in the composite space. JB Roche rapid deploy cleanrooms were the obvious starting point for the development of a new suite of products in collaboration with AEROFORM and Aircraft Manufacturers.

AEROFORM Composites offers a wide range of solutions for the process and repair of composite structural parts. Known by its ability to adapt to each clients needs, AEROFORM is committing to provide high quality products and services. 

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