Revolutionize Your Aircraft’s Engine Protection with FLASHPLUG® AIR: The Future of Aircraft Preservation

Enhance aircraft engine protection with FLASHPLUG® AIR - the future of engine safeguarding.

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Enhance Your Aircraft’s Engine Protection with FLASHPLUG® AIR

JB Roche presents FLASHPLUG® AIR, an advanced solution for engine safeguarding. Building upon our proven FLASHPLUG® preservation product line, FLASHPLUG® AIR represents a step forward in our ongoing commitment to enhance engine protection.

Seamless Installation for Enhanced Protection

FLASHPLUG® AIR has significantly improved engine protection with its remarkable simplicity. In just 2-3 minutes, a single technician can skillfully install FLASHPLUG® AIR in your aircraft. Eliminate worries about internal metal frames that could potentially affect your engine’s intake or the hassle of managing bulky foam sections that require drying after exposure to wet conditions. Installation is straightforward, without the need for bulky buckles, clips, or straps, and ladders are only required for larger engines like the 777X.

An Innovative Design for Optimal Storage

Conventional engine covers often struggle to prevent moisture accumulation, leaving engines susceptible to corrosion over time. Ill-fitting covers may inadvertently inflict damage on your aircraft’s lip skin or livery, especially during extended storage periods. However, FLASHPLUG® AIR introduces a revolutionary design that directly addresses these issues. It ingeniously fits within the delicate lip skin area, establishing an airtight seal at the front of the engine.

This exceptional preservation solution consistently maintains engine Relative Humidity levels below 50%, even when stored on-wing. Previously, achieving such humidity levels required the complex process of engine removal and storage.

A Comprehensive Kit with Custom Features

Each FLASHPLUG® AIR kit includes a storage bag, installation instructions, safety precautions tether strap, on-site repair kit, and Schrader valve as standard. To offer added peace of mind and flexibility, we provide optional features such as an electrical or manual air pump and an integrated Bluetooth Humidity Sensor that seamlessly connects to a mobile app. This feature simplifies the monitoring and maintenance of optimal storage conditions, ensuring your engine remains in prime condition.

Introducing FLASHPLUG® AIR marks a significant step in engine protection. It’s more than just an engine cover; it reflects innovation, ease of use, and our dedication to safeguarding your aircraft’s engine performance and durability.

Whether you confront challenging weather conditions or anticipate prolonged aircraft inactivity, FLASHPLUG® AIR is the ultimate solution you’ve sought.

Join us as we explore the future of engine preservation. Discover how FLASHPLUG® AIR enhances your aircraft maintenance, offering peace of mind. It’s time to confidently adopt FLASHPLUG® AIR and witness the difference for yourself.

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