The Best Alternative To Expensive Hangars

Our inflatable IglooMX® is the first all fabric, inflatable shelter, a leading innovation in the aviation industry.

The Best Alternative To Expensive Hangars

Our inflatable IglooMX® is the first all-fabric, inflatable shelter, leading innovation in the aviation industry. There are many reasons why the IglooMX® is revolutionising the way in which aircraft maintenance and repairs are carried out, and we will explore some of these here. We are always happy to discuss specific requirements and situations, so please contact us to find out more about how we can work together.

5 Key Benefits Of Inflatable Shelters

  • Keeping aircraft in the air. Huge financial savings can be made by reducing AOG time and carrying out routine and emergency maintenance procedures more efficiently. When hangar space does not meet demand, an IglooMX® is a perfect solution, providing an optimised environment and enabling a faster turnaround.

  • Creating a controlled maintenance environment. The IglooMX® is fully adaptable to severe weather conditions, protecting engineers and maintenance crews to enable faster turnaround times. Inflatable shelters reduce the need for protective clothing and enable crews to work more effectively in extreme temperatures. In icy or desert conditions, where working on the apron is limited to very short periods for safety, working times are dramatically increased in a controlled environment such as this.

  • Easy storage and transportation. The IglooMX® is stored easily in a small container, which can be wheeled around by one person and carried on any aircraft. Smaller shelters can be installed by just two people, and larger shelters by a team of 4, and no training is needed to carry out this procedure.

  • Saving time and money. The IglooMX® is designed to streamline your operations and save you time and money. Unexpected delays and grounded aircraft are some of the most expensive circumstances in the aviation industry, and you can cut AOG time by half with the effective use of an inflatable shelter.

  • Giving you more control. Having to queue for limited hangar space is a frustrating and expensive waste of time and money, and an inflatable shelter can eliminate this. Inflatable shelters are also the perfect solution to emergency situations in areas that do not have adequate hangar facilities. In a recent incident, the IglooMX® was crucial in cutting the repair time of an aircraft forced to land in a remote location in Alaska, where repair time would have been severely limited by sub-zero temperatures. The IglooMX® made it possible to repair the aircraft quickly, saving several days and a great deal of unexpected expense!

IglooMX® Maximises Efficient Aircraft Maintenance

The IglooMX offers a quick, easy and cost-effective way to maintain and repair your aircraft, and enables optimum performance in extreme climates. The IglooMX® is leading the aviation industry into the future, and we have options to suit aircraft of all sizes. Talking to us could help to streamline your business and save you money and time, joining aviation organisations across the world who are already benefitting from the partnership with us.


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