Emergency landing in Iqaluit: Swiss Air Boeing 777 Engine Change in Arctic Conditions

Throwback to a memorable moment when one of our valued customers utilized our Widebody Engine Change shelter for...

emergency landing in Iqaluit - B777 Swiss Air
Unforgettable Aircraft Rescue: Swiss Air Boeing 777 Engine Change in Arctic Conditions

Revisit a remarkable moment when our Widebody Engine Change shelter proved its mettle in the unforgiving Arctic conditions of Iqaluit, North Eastern Canada. In this captivating story, we recount how our innovative solution saved the day for Swiss Air and its passengers during a critical engine emergency.

When Crisis Strikes: Imagine a Boeing 777 aircraft, bearing the iconic Swiss Air livery, racing against the clock in a dire situation. Engine failure mid-flight forced the Zurich to Los Angeles route to make an emergency landing at Iqaluit airport. Onboard were over 200 passengers, their safety hanging in the balance.

Our IglooMX® in action: In this nerve-wracking scenario, our Widebody Engine Change shelter emerged as the unsung hero. Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, it provided a warm and secure workspace for the crucial engine change.

No Hangar, No Problem: What makes this tale even more extraordinary is that the mechanics accomplished this feat without the luxury of a nearby hangar. Our cutting-edge IglooMX® Tents stepped up to the challenge, allowing skilled technicians to carry out their tasks effectively.


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Conclusion: This remarkable incident serves as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. We understand that aviation emergencies can strike at any moment, and our solutions are designed to meet these challenges head-on.

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