Time and Cost Savings Of IglooMX®

Minimising AOG time, ensuring controllable environment. IglooMX makes cost-effective repairs easier worldwide..

Time and Cost Savings Of IglooMX®

An inflatable IglooMX® unit enables faster and more cost-effective aircraft repair and maintenance, minimising AOG time for businesses all over the world. The aviation industry is competitive and highly specialised, and the time and cost savings that come with using IglooMX® inflatable units can set you apart from your competitors as a leader in your field.

The IglooMX® includes many features that are unique to JB Roche and designed to simplify the process of aircraft maintenance and repair, and we believe that our portable work tents offer an invaluable way to streamline your practice. Read on to find out more about the time and cost-saving you could make when you use IglooMX® Inflatable Units within your business.

What can the IglooMX® do for you?

Our inflatable shelters are designed to meet the needs of engineers and aviation teams who are scheduling maintenance and carrying out emergency repairs on a wide range of aircraft. We know that the IglooMX® offers substantial time and cost benefits, and we advise you to consider the following carefully:

  • Minimising AOG time. When your aircraft is grounded unexpectedly, you will need an Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, and this often means running up significant costs for hangar rental, parking costs, labour and tooling costs, as well as the costs involved with finding and running replacement aircraft. The IglooMX® is designed to provide additional hangar space that can accommodate teams of mechanics and engineers safely and comfortably, reducing these costs dramatically.


  • Transportable and easily stored. The IglooMX® is fully transportable to any location around the world. When not in use, it is stored in a container that can easily be wheeled by one person, so it is easy to manoeuvre and store. This means that lower cost hangar space is more widely available, and the timescales for emergency repairs can be cut right down.


  • Ensuring the environment is controllable. Intense weather conditions and extreme heat and cold can be challenging for aircraft maintenance crews, as well as damaging to the aircraft itself. The IglooMX® is designed to protect against such conditions, creating a comfortable environment to work within, regardless of outside climate, and is fully adaptable to be heated or cooled as required. This leads to large savings on labour costs, since it can extend the working time of engineers and maintenance teams significantly.


  • A reliable investment. Every IglooMX® has a 12-month manufacturing warranty to guarantee the quality, as well as an excellent specification you can rely on. An IglooMX® inflatable unit will pay for itself after only 2 to 4 uses and will have a lifespan of more than ten years (depending on the environment and conditions in which it has been used), so you can be confident that your investment will be worthwhile.


IglooMX makes cost-effective repairs easier worldwide

Being able to repair and maintain your aircraft quickly and effectively will save you valuable money and time and safeguard your reputation as a company that delivers. The IglooMX® is the future of standard and emergency maintenance for the ever-growing aviation industry, and we can help you to be at the forefront of this development.

We’ve been creating great solutions for our customers for more than ten years, and we will be happy to talk to you about the solutions that suit you best.


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