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Manufacturing the world’s most advanced inflatable, all fabric, all weather pop-up hangars.


At J.B. Roche, we are renowned AOG specialists, trusted by top airlines, MROs, and military organizations worldwide. Our extensive range of standard inflatable shelters is readily available for immediate deployment. In case of an AOG situation and urgent requirements, we are dedicated to providing exceptional support and can be reached outside regular business hours to fulfill your needs.

Inflatable Shelter Features & Benefits


Fast Installation

Two people can assemble our inflatable maintenance shelter in 15 minutes. Some larger shelters may take 4 people. No training required.


Precision Fit

Designed and constructed to encapsulate and seal the work area. Fits hand in glove.


Controlled Environment

Hi tech fabrics and design, to withstand the harshest weather conditions. You no longer have to be concerned about severe cold, intense heat, relentless rain, driving snow or dust.

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Incredibly Strong

Our fabrics are woven and coated to our proprietary design, exhibiting extremely high strength to weight ratios.


100% Fabric, Not One Single Metal Part

Your aircrafts are 100% safe when encapsulated by our inflatable emergency shelter.


Where You Need It

Collapses into a small container on wheels that one person can wheel around. Easy to transport, easy to store.

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What Our Customers Say

“We used your inflatable shelter for the first time under harsh conditions and guess what? The mechanics loved it! We changed a HMU at yes -19C (minus 19 degrees Centigrade) and snowfall during a full night shift.”


Air Berlin

A320 Engine Change Shelter

“The overall product is great and the guys enjoyed working in a nice warm environment when it was 4 Fahrenheit. It is a great product.”


Air Transport Intl

KC135 Engine Change Shelter