Our unique aircraft preservation products provide a simple and cost-effective solution and simplify the process of returning the aircraft to service after downtime for parking or for required maintenance.

Types of Solutions

Engine Intake & Exhaust Covers

Engine Intake and Engine Exhaust Covers protect your engine against rust and elements. The custom-fit covers are ligthweight and durable.

Our engine intake covers are built using a very lightweight but durable fabric featuring simple fittings! This makes them both easy to fit and easy to remove. Our exhaust covers can be fitted in seconds with our innovative folding plug design; simply unfold the foam-filled plug and press it into the rear of the engine.

  • Provides a safe, controlled and private outdoor working environment
  • Simple and straightforward to install without the need for prior training
  • Lightweight, portable, mobile cleanroom, easy set-up with a small maintenance crew


It takes less than 10 minutes for a mechanic to fit the FLASHPLUG®, It weighs a mere 700 grams and can be folded into a tiny package for future use in the fly-away kit.

Ideal solution for on-wing engine preservation during parking or storage.

Kits available for CFM56-5B, LEAP 1A, PW1100G. 
(FLASPLUG® Kit consists of two engine sets)

  • Installation time of 8 minutes (one mechanic)
  • Low cost (cheaper than film & tape option)
  • Re-usable (can be re-fit multiple times)
  • Special Adhesive Formulation (will not damage paint or leave sticky residue)
  • Small & lightweight (can be packed with Fly Away Kit)
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What Our Customers Say

They are a great tool and give us a new capability for sure.


Bombardier Aerospace


What an amazing piece of kit. We had to replace 3 propellers in Resolute Bay, in northern Canada, where temperatures were around -35 to -55 degrees Celsius.


Canadian Airforce

C130 Engine Change Shelter

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