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Our Inflatable Emergency Tents allow healthcare workers to process/triage patients more efficiently, and safely away from main public areas.  Field setup takes minutes and keeps patients safely separated from the bulk of healthcare workers and other patients when they arrive for evaluation.

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The Emergency Tents pictured can be deployed as a field unit. Units are modular allowing multiple units to be joined together according to size requirements.


Isolation Room helps when you have a patient with a contagious infection and do not want to move them because of the risk of spreading the infection, the inflatable isolation room with negative pressure will contain the patient and help protect others in surrounding spaces.  Also, because the unit is portable it can be erected when and where it is needed without permanently taking up valuable hospital space.

Our fabric and air structures can be designed to encapsulate any work area. When we do not have a product in our standard range to fit your needs, we can quickly plan, design and produce a bespoke inflatable work shelter to fit your individual requirements.


Industrial Mobile Cleanrooms custom built to size, provide the ideal solution for a clinical test facility.
This unit offers all the benefits of a conventional cleanroom, but it may be relocated geographically to where it is needed most.

The mobile laboratory pictured can be deployed as a field hospital which can be packed into the crate and shipped anywhere in the world. Units can be modular allowing multiple units to be joined together according to size requirements.

Automated cutting capability for:


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