Our Customers

We supply airlines, MRO’s and militaries with inflatable tents. Our trusted solutions can seal any part of an aircraft.
RCAF roundel

Royal Canadian AirForce

“Work commences on urgent repairs within an hour, despite the -45°C temperature in the North Pole.”
When the Royal Canadian Air Force needed to replace a propeller and windshield on a C-130 in one of the coldest places on earth (the North Pole), they didn’t have many options available to them. Fortunately, they had one of our emergency inflatable tents on hand. This allowed them to proceed with the maintenance work in less than an hour in their inflated and heated JB Roche shelter, despite the -45°C temperature.

us air force

U.S. Air Force

Specialized, military inflatable tents enable essential maintenance on-site, eliminating the need to relocate back to the home base.
Relocating aircraft from overseas operations to home bases for essential maintenance is a time consuming and expensive business; often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars per aircraft. JB Roche have designed and supplied specialized pop up work tents and enclosures to the US Airforce, enabling them to complete repairs on site, providing significant savings for just a single operation. In some instances, we took the product from the drawing board to the desert in a matter of weeks.



5 years supplying a range of shapes and sizes to meet the evolving needs of this leading aircraft manufacturer.
As the world’s largest producer of Aircraft with multiple manufacturing sites, it is often necessary for Boeing to “Take the Hangar to the aircraft”. In the past 5 years, we have designed many different sizes and shapes of inflatable emergency tents to suit Boeings unique requirements.



“JB Roche hangars provide extra space to keep operations running timely and smoothly.”
Shannon Aerospace – A Lufthansa Technik AG Company have been using our inflatable hangars since 2007. In the winter months, these provide the flexibility to do engine changes and borescopes, even when the hangar is full. Regardless of the weather, the heated and spotless interiors of our inflatable tent provide an ideal working environment for the mechanics.



Professional composite repair work requires spotless, modern surroundings.
Qatar Airways required a solution that would fully seal off their repair area, to ensure a dust-free environment for their B787 and A350 aircrafts. In response to this, JB Roche developed a new portable, inflatable tent, complete with filtration systems. Qatar Airways are now successfully using four JB Roche emergency inflatable tents to complete their composite repair work.