Other Inflatable Products

We marry fabric and air to create a range of innovative products across different industries including pharmaceutical, food processing, emergency services and military.

Range of Other Inflatable Products

We have applied our expertise to create a range of other products across a variety of sectors. Here are just a few examples of some innovative products and solutions we have pioneered and developed.

Flood Water Defence Barriers

Finally, the back-breaking task of laying hundreds or thousands of sandbags to create flood barriers is over. Simply roll out our flood defence bag, connect as many bags as needed, and fill them with water from a high-pressure hydrant or pump. After the flood waters recede, empty the bag and wipe it clean for future use.

Inflatable Emergency Shelters

We design and build inflatable emergency shelters to specific requirements for Emergency Services, including command posts, crash sites, field hospitals, morgues, decontamination, temporary dwellings, triage, information centres, and forensic exams, as well as general work tents and inflatable military shelters.

Repair Tent for High Speed Trains

If you need to get your train back into service after a collision, getting your composite to cure completely over night in cold or damp conditions can be a real pain. You can now bring the repair “shed” to your train in the form of one of our heated inflatable work shelters to complete the perfect repair and get your train back up and running.

Aerial & Naval Gunnery Targets and Marks

We design and manufacture inflatable military shelters, marker buoys, race tracks, and naval and aerial gunnery targets of all sizes. Larger targets can incorporate radar reflectors and sea anchors to keep them stationary or slow moving. These products are very easy to handle in RIBs and other small vessels thanks to our inflation and retrieval systems.

Framed Work Tents

When on-the-spot maintenance is required and the work area is physically small, a simple framed tent can be an extremely effective solution. Our lightweight, fire-resistant, and simple-to-install framed work tents can be erected in seconds by one person. Welding and other hot-work models are available.

Wind Turbine Tent

Thinking outside the box led us to create a work environment resembling a massive Indian-style tepee, with the wind turbine “can” serving as the central “support-pole.” This wind turbine tent allowed engineers to reapply temperature-sensitive flexible sealants to the turbine bases without the need for scaffolding.

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What Our Customers Say

We finally got to use the engine change shelter. The guys loved it!! Kept them nice and dry and warm.


Southwest Airlines

B737 Engine Change Shelter

Following on from our custom with your company over the past 4 years I can confirm that Cork City Fire Brigade have had an excellent experience in regards to service, quality of work and products that you have provided.


Cork City Fire Brigade

Assistant Chief Fire Officer