Other Inflatable Products

We leverage the dynamic fusion of fabric and air to revolutionize diverse industries, from pharmaceuticals and food processing to emergency services and the military. Our versatile inflatable products combine cutting-edge technology with practical applications, providing effective solutions that shape the future.

Exploring the Diversity: Range of Other Inflatable Products

Drawing on our expertise, we’ve innovated a diverse range of products spanning various sectors. Below, discover a glimpse of our pioneering creations that exemplify our commitment to ingenuity and excellence.

Flood Water Defence Barriers

Strengthen your property against flooding with our innovative Flood Water Defence Barriers. Designed for swift deployment, these barriers provide a simple yet robust solution. Unroll, connect, and fill them with water from a high-pressure hydrant or pump for rapid and reliable flood protection. When the waters recede, easily empty the barriers for future use. Experience efficient and effective flood resilience.

Inflatable Emergency Shelters

Imagine a world of responsive protection – our expertise is in creating inflatable emergency shelters, custom-designed to meet the precise requirements of Emergency Services. From versatile command posts to resilient crash sites, and from adaptable field hospitals to solemn morgues, we engineer these shelters to seamlessly adapt to diverse needs. Decontamination hubs, temporary resting places, triage zones for urgent care, and communication centers—all expertly woven into our designs.

High Speed Train Tent

Efficiently restoring a train to service after a collision demands urgent solutions. Say goodbye to the challenges of overnight composite curing in cold or damp conditions with our heated inflatable work shelters—an innovative ‘repair shed’ that travels with your train. Step inside this thermal haven to orchestrate flawless repairs, no matter the external conditions. Watch your train rejuvenate, ready to continue its journey, thanks to the power of innovation and your unwavering commitment to excellence.

Aerial & Naval Gunnery Targets & Marks

Experience our expertise in inflatables. We design and manufacture a range of essentials: marker buoys, race tracks, and naval/aerial gunnery targets in various sizes. Larger targets include advanced features like radar reflectors and sea anchors for stable positioning or controlled movement. These solutions offer seamless handling in RIBs and small vessels thanks to our cutting-edge inflation and retrieval systems.

Framed Work Tents

For on-the-spot maintenance in confined spaces, our framed work tents emerge as the ultimate solution. Compact work areas find a practical partner in these lightweight, fire-resistant structures. Quick installation, achievable by a single person in mere seconds, accelerates your operations. To cater to specific tasks like welding, our range includes hot-work models, amplifying versatility and efficiency.

Wind Turbine Tent

Unconventional ingenuity paved the way for a visionary solution: an expansive work environment inspired by Indian-style tepees, where the wind turbine ‘can’ becomes the central support pole. This innovative wind turbine tent revolutionized the process of reapplying temperature-sensitive flexible sealants to turbine bases, eliminating the need for scaffolding. Engineers benefit from a safe and efficient platform to optimize wind turbine maintenance, all thanks to this groundbreaking approach

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What Our Customers Say

We finally got to use the engine change shelter. The guys loved it!! Kept them nice and dry and warm.


Southwest Airlines

B737 Engine Change Shelter

Following on from our custom with your company over the past 4 years I can confirm that Cork City Fire Brigade have had an excellent experience in regards to service, quality of work and products that you have provided.


Cork City Fire Brigade

Assistant Chief Fire Officer