What exactly is An Inflatable Shelter?

During aircraft maintenance, the IglooMX® Inflatable Shelter saves time, money, and protects your personnel.

What exactly is An Inflatable Shelter

What exactly is An Inflatable Shelter? Have you heard of the IglooMX®? This is an inflatable aircraft shelter that JB Roche developed in collaboration with Airbus. It is a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional aircraft maintenance hangars.

The IglooMX® is portable enough to fly and store anywhere and is intended for quick and easy installation. This makes it a great alternative for global maintenance operations in temperatures that are too hot or too cold for safe and pleasant working, and it has transformed aircraft shelters, demonstrating what the future of aviation looks like.

What can an inflatable shelter do for you?

Our complete line of inflatable aircraft shelters ensures that you can work on the apron in any weather. The type of shelter you want depends on your scenario, but it may range from innovative Engine Change Shelters to large Fuselage MX shelters that allow you to repair windows, composite and sheet metal components, door mechanisms, and decals in any weather. Our product portfolio also includes solutions for long-range airliner families such as the B777 and A380, with many including lighting, industrial ventilation, heating, and air conditioning as options.

The following are some of the advantages that our IglooMX® may provide:
  • It helps you save time. The IglooMX® is built to save you time, especially when it comes to unplanned engine repair. Rather than waiting for ideal weather and hangar space, the IglooMX® can be transported to any site and is sold as a kit that contains the inflatable domed tent as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. The inflatable solution can be swiftly positioned around an engine and fixed with ballast, resulting in an outstanding shelter system that allows for successful operations in adverse weather conditions and reduces weather delays.
  • It helps you save money. When circumstances are difficult, maintenance activities might be delayed and extended, and waiting for hangar space to be scheduled can result in aircraft being on the ground for longer. The ability to increase hangar availability with an inflatable aircraft shelter may increase profitability by allowing you to operate on more planes at the same time, making maintenance operations more effective across your company.
  • Protects the team. Inflatable shelters excel in extreme weather, and many successful operations across the world have profited from the deployment of shelters like the IglooMX®. We were ecstatic to hear from Alaska Airlines following a three-day emergency repair operation. “You saved our fingers in Cordova, Alaska,” maintenance crews said afterwards. No injuries! Thanks!”

Simply said, the IglooMX® is a revolutionary new approach to maintaining and repairing aircraft. Industry leaders are already employing IglooMX® to revolutionize their practices, and partnering with inflatable aircraft hangars means that your company can achieve the same level of perfection.

IglooMX® is all about improving performance in every location and in any environment, so contact us now to see how we can help you revolutionize your business.

Check the range of our Standard Inflatable Shelters here: https://www.jbroche.com/aircraft-shelters/standard/ 


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