Arctic Challenge: Deploying Our Widebody Engine Change Shelter in Iqaluit

Experience the Power of IglooMX®: Engine Change Triumph in Challenging Arctic Conditions at Iqaluit, North Eastern..

IglooMX® - emergency landing in Iqaluit

In the midst of arctic conditions at Iqaluit in North Eastern Canada, one of our esteemed clients harnessed the power of our Widebody Engine Change Shelter, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of IglooMX®.

Emergency Landing, Exceptional Solution
Recently, our Widebody Engine Change shelter proved its mettle as it was called into action for an engine change procedure under the most demanding circumstances. A leading European airline B777 Aircraft, en route from Zurich to Los Angeles, encountered engine failure, necessitating an emergency landing at Iqaluit airport.

A Swift Solution in the Frigid North
The urgency of the situation required rapid response and a reliable working environment. Our portable inflatable hangar, driven by IglooMX®, provided the ideal solution. This innovative shelter facilitated the engine change in a heated, sheltered space, ensuring optimal conditions even amidst the challenging climate.

Flexibility in Action
Our IglooMX® Tents demonstrated their adaptability by enabling the emergency engine to work without the need for a nearby hangar. This mobility and efficiency showcased the power of our solution, making a critical difference in this emergency scenario.

portable inflatable hangar b777 portable inflatable hangar b777

The success story from Iqaluit echoes the prowess of our Widebody Engine Change Shelter and the effectiveness of IglooMX® in ensuring secure, heated working environments under even the most unforgiving conditions.


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