Introducing IglooMX® Engine Shop: Revolutionizing Aircraft Engine Replacement

Now it is possible to have both engines just a few steps apart, making it easy to swap over components without..

jbroche engine shop add on for widebody engine change shelter

Discover the innovative solution designed to transform aircraft engine replacement – the IglooMX® Engine Shop, the latest advancement from JB Roche.

As a result of insightful conversations with field engineers who routinely face the challenging task of swapping out jet engines on-site, we heeded your feedback. This led to the creation of our ground-breaking IglooMX® Engine Shop, a seamless addition to our esteemed IglooMX® product lineup.


Key Benefits of IglooMX® Engine Shop:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Engine replacement becomes a breeze with the IglooMX® Engine Shop. This adaptable structure can be seamlessly attached to our existing IglooMX® Shelters, allowing for meticulous engine preparation indoors prior to engine removal.

  • Optimized Workflow: With both engines conveniently located just steps apart, component swaps are streamlined, eliminating the need to navigate long distances under challenging conditions. Ignite a ramp heater to ensure a productive environment that expedites work completion.

  • Versatile Design: The modular nature of IglooMX® Engine Shop facilitates the creation of larger interior spaces. This flexibility accommodates various operations, from engine changes to composite works and storage, catering to diverse repair and maintenance needs.

  • Broad Aircraft Compatibility: Engineered to fit most aircraft, our adjustable-height shelter covers both Widebody aircraft such as Boeing B747, B777, B787, Airbus A380, A350, as well as Narrowbody options.

Elevate your engine replacement procedures with the cutting-edge IglooMX® Engine Shop. For inquiries or further information, reach out to JB Roche at 00353 21 4320320 or via email at


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