Having spoken to field engineers that are faced with the unenviable task of swapping out jet engines wherever the need arises, we listened to what you had to tell us, which led to the development of the latest addition to our JB Roche product stable.

Our brand-new IglooMX® Engine Shop can be docked to the front door of our existing IglooMX® Shelters to allow a replacement engine to be fully prepped in-doors before the old engine is removed.

Now it is possible to have both engines just a few steps apart, making it easy to swap over components without the need to trek a distance from one engine to the other, in often miserable conditions. Fire up a ramp heater and this Igloo set will provide you with a safe and comfortable working environment that will help to get the work done faster.

The modular design of the structure allows for the creation of an even larger interior space to accommodate not only engine change operations, but also other forms of repair and maintenance like composite works and storage.

The pictured engine change shelter is adjustable in height and will accommodate most Widebody aircraft including: B747/ B777/ A380/A350/ B787.

If you would like to find out more about this product, call JB Roche on (+353)21-4320320 or e-mail sales@jbroche.com