Revolutionizing Fabric Development: Lighter and Stronger Innovations at JB ROCHE

Uncover our commitment to innovation as we unveil a new fabric at JB Roche — lighter, yet 25% more abrasion..

Fabric development innovations

We’re passionate about crafting inflatable shelters and habitats that truly transform our customers’ experiences. Our dedication to improvement is unwavering, fueled by feedback and a commitment to excellence.

Pioneering Progress We thrive on customer insights, and even when faced with critiques, we’re spurred to refine our offerings. Our motto reflects this drive: continuous improvement based on our customers’ real-world experiences.

Lighter Yet Stronger Recently, we unveiled a groundbreaking achievement—a new fabric that’s 30% lighter than its predecessor. What’s even better? It boasts 25% greater abrasion resistance, ensuring a durable product that’s easier to inflate, deflate, and store. This lighter marvel is engineered to endure, standing strong like a battleship.

Join us in embracing innovation, as we push the boundaries of fabric development at JB ROCHE.


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