Hot weather operations

Working in aircraft maintenance can have a big impact on your performance because of the conditions you have to work in.


Working in aircraft maintenance can have a big impact on your performance because of the conditions you have to work in. If a team is needed to repair or maintain an aircraft in extreme weather, there may be challenges where the team’s health prevents them from working, increasing the time and cost of a standard job significantly.

The IglooMX®, an innovative inflatable work shelter that provides an alternative to traditional hangar space and is ideally suited to extreme hot and cold temperatures, is a practical and cost-effective solution to this problem. This maintains humidity and makes working on the apron a pleasant experience, whether you’re working in sub-zero or tropical temperatures.

Working in high temperatures can lead to a variety of issues.

Creating a controlled working environment for your team will help to protect their health while also increasing their productivity. The IglooMX® is built to eliminate risks like these:

  • Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two different conditions. Working in high temperatures is a common cause of heat-related sickness, and heatstroke and heat exhaustion can be dangerous. Working on the apron in locations like the Middle East, where temperatures and humidity are quite high, might be extremely risky and severely limit productive time, resulting in aircraft remaining on the ground for prolonged periods of time. The IglooMX® is a portable solution to this problem, allowing teams to work in comfort regardless of the weather.

  • In tropical climates, dehydration is a major threat, and if workers are affected, AOG downtime will be compromised. Working in a sheltered area can help you avoid dehydration, which is considerably more likely when you’re working in excessive heat.

  • Lack of experience. Many employees do not receive the appropriate training in heat-related illnesses, and according to a 2005 research, 80% of these cases included people who had just been at their job for four days or less. All companies who require their employees to work in hot weather should provide comprehensive training on the hazards of working in extreme heat and how to recognize the indicators of heat-related illnesses, but providing a safe and controlled working environment is always the safest alternative.

  • Equipment that has been compromised. Because technicians depend on reliable and functional equipment, many engineering activities become extremely difficult at high temperatures. Equipment that is vulnerable to damage in the heat, humidity, or tropical rain can derail an entire operation, so keeping temperatures consistent can ensure that equipment, as well as humans, remain at a constant, manageable temperature. Composite repairs, for example, require a controlled environment in which environmental data can be recorded for repair approval, such as the IglooMX®.

In addition, the IglooMX® allows for inspection and sign-off of work within a professional MRO enclosure, easing maintenance operations and improving your outcomes and future planning.
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