What Is An Inflatable Shelter?

IglooMX® Inflatable Shelter saves time, saves money and protects your team during maintenance..

What Is An Inflatable Shelter?

Have you discovered the IglooMX®? This is an inflatable aircraft shelter, invented and perfected by JB Roche in partnership with Airbus, and it offers a practical and cost-effective solution to conventional aircraft maintenance hangars.

The IglooMX® is designed for quick and easy installation and is compact enough to fly and store anywhere. This makes it an excellent option for worldwide maintenance operations in conditions that are too hot or too cold for safe and comfortable working, and it has changed the face of aircraft shelters, demonstrating what the future of aviation looks like.

What can an inflatable shelter do for you?

Our full range of inflatable aircraft shelters maximises your ability to work on the apron in all climate conditions. The type of shelter you are interested in will depend upon your specific situation but can vary from the ingenious Engine Change Shelters to the huge Fuselage MX shelters that make it possible to repair windows, composite and sheet metal components, door mechanisms and decals in any conditions. Our product range also includes solutions for long-range jetliner families like the B777 and A380, and other aircraft, including options such as lighting, industrial ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

Our IglooMX® can offer the following benefits:

  • Saves time. The IglooMX® is designed to save time, especially for unscheduled engine maintenance. Instead of having to wait for optimum conditions and hangar space, the IglooMX® is fully transportable to any location and is produced as a kit that includes the inflatable domed tent and a system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The inflatable solution can be quickly positioned around an engine and secured with ballast, creating an excellent shelter system that enables effective work in extreme climates and eliminates weather delays.
  • Saves money. Maintenance operations can be delayed and extended when conditions are challenging, and waiting for hangar space to be scheduled can mean aircraft are on the ground for longer. The opportunity to extend hangar availability with an inflatable aircraft shelter can maximise profits by making it possible to work on more aircraft simultaneously, making maintenance operations more efficient throughout your business.
  • Protects the team. Inflatable shelters come into their own in unusual climates, and many successful operations worldwide have benefited from the use of shelters such as the IglooMX®. We were delighted to hear from Alaska Airlines after an emergency repair operation which lasted three days. The temperature was only 3 degrees Fahrenheit, and maintenance crews later told us, “You saved our fingers in Cordova, Alaska… No injuries! Thanks!”

The IglooMX® is, quite simply, a whole new way to maintain and repair aircraft. Industry leaders are already using IglooMX® to revolutionise their practice, and getting on board with inflatable aircraft hangars means that your business, too, can consistently deliver excellence.

IglooMX® is all about optimising performance in any location and any climate, so talk to us to find out how we can transform your operations today.


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