Aircraft Maintenance In Extreme Cold Weather

IglooMX® is fast becoming a vital part of the aviation industry, solving logistical and financial problems and..

aircraft maintenance operations in cold weather

Aircraft maintenance is always likely to be more complicated in extremely cold weather, simply because it is not possible for engineers to work effectively at very low temperatures. However, with the IglooMX®, engine change time can be cut from 17 hours, the average time allocated when working without enclosure, to 6 hours. This, of course, represents an enormous saving of manpower and money and offers a much more efficient way to work in aircraft maintenance all year round.

People outside the aviation industry may query the inevitable delays that accompany cold weather, pointing out that aircraft cruise at sub-zero temperatures as standard. The reason for this is, of course, that it is MRO ground operations that are compromised by the cold climate, and the delays that occur are a result of this. Problems with ground vehicles, icy runways and coagulated fuel can be catastrophic for an airline, but in situations that depend upon ground personnel, operations are frequently slowed down by weather conditions that make it too cold to work effectively.

IglooMX® for aircraft maintenance in cold weather

IglooMX® is fast becoming a vital part of the aviation industry, solving logistical and financial problems and streamlining performance. IglooMX® is a sleek and professional answer to aircraft maintenance, an inflatable shelter that optimises the potential of engineers in extremely hot and cold climates, as well as saving space compared with conventional aircraft hangars.

Whether you are operating in a climate that is cold for a large part of the year, or whether you are formulating an emergency strategy for extreme weather periods, you will find that the IglooMX® can create a controlled environment that allows for ongoing maintenance and reduces the time that aircraft are on the ground.

In cold weather, the IglooMX® enables you to:

  • Carry out emergency repairs in any location, as it is fully transportable. This can save hangar rental fees and reduce the ground time for your aircraft.
  • Lower your labour costs as engineers can work effectively in climate-controlled environments without risking their health in extremely cold weather.
  • Speed up repairs, since maintenance will be faster and more efficient, and waiting time for conventional hangar space will be eliminated.
  • Deliver excellent service to your clients worldwide, as well as provide your team with the optimum working environment and a great professional reputation.

Joining the industry leaders who are using the IglooMX® to work in a new way can give you a whole new perspective and expand your potential. We have many different options, including products for long-range jetliner families such as B777 and A380, and we can discuss these with you to create the best solutions for your situation.

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