On Wing Composite Repairs

With IglooMX® there is no need to waste money and time waiting for hangar space..

On Wing Composite Repairs

When you need to make repairs to specific sites on your aircraft, there is no need to waste money and time waiting for hangar space. Here at JB Roche, we have an excellent range of inflatable workshops and shelters that can optimise effective working and reduce your AOG time significantly.

For on-wing composite repairs, for example, there are several suitable options. Our MEWP Habitats are ideal in certain circumstances, while our mobile composite repair workshops may be better suited to your task or to the aircraft in question. Read on to find out more about the options we offer, and talk to our experienced team for more information about any of our products.

Inflatable Shelters To Optimise Performance

For many types of repair and maintenance, our Compshop® – Mobile Cleanroom is the ideal inflatable solution. This is a revolutionary way to work, enabling you to encapsulate the site of repair quickly and to control the environment with heating, ventilation and air filtration to suit your requirements. The Compshop® is designed to provide a cleanroom environment that enables efficient repairs of parts that have been removed from the aircraft, and our fabric and air structures can be adapted to your situation.

The Compshop® Mobile Composite Repair Workshop is a great alternative to traditional hangar space, which is costly and often competitive. The Compshop® is entirely portable and can be set up as a cleanroom by a small team in just 15 minutes. You can select from our standard product range or choose a bespoke inflatable work shelter made to your individual specifications.

We also offer inflatable shelters that are designed to accommodate specific work on your aircraft, and these include:

  • MEWP Habitats. When carrying out elevated basket work, it is vital that your environment is controllable so that you can ensure warm and safe working conditions for your maintenance team. It can be tricky to find a solution that works when you are working at height on mobile elevated work platforms, but MEWP Habitat is an instant and efficient solution in this situation.
  • Fuselage MX Shelters. A Fuselage shelter could be the perfect solution for you if you are working on windows, sheet metal or composite, doors or decals, and this is a flexible and cost-effective option. The Fuselage shelter can comfortably accommodate staging or scissors lifts and is invaluable during emergency and routine maintenance.


Inflatable Shelters For Aircraft Maintenance And Repair

Our range of inflatable shelters offers you a real and practical way to solve the problem of extended AOG time due to a lack of hangar space. The type of work you are carrying out will determine the size and type of shelter we recommend, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you find the best solution for you and your business.


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